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We're a dedicated team of learning designers, developers and strategists.

From strategy and ideation to the finished learning solution

What do we deliver?

Our focus is on creating learning and development solutions for corporations, governments and NGOs. Within this area we create corporate academies and learning journeys.

In short, we provide learning homes and learning experiences.

Both are needed to accelerate continuous learning in your organisation. And for both, we create variations of learning solutions.

For example: From the design and delivery of corporate academies to the production of microlearning (podcasts, videos and animations). And from engaging induction programmes to transforming an organisation's safety culture.

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What is our way of working?

We believe in tailor-made projects and partnerships. Most of our projects follow our 5D approach (see below). But how we set up our collaboration is something we define together, based on your needs, the target audience and the business impact we want to achieve. We like to get to know you so that we can define a specific, tailored collaboration.

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With our team of learning experts, we offer the following services to accelerate continuous learning in your organisation.


Learning Consult

Consult activities include: Identify the organisation's learning objectives, skills and knowledge gaps. Develop strategies to achieve desired learning and business outcomes.

Learning Culture

How to empower employees to take ownership of their personal learning journey? We have a step-by-step approach.

Academy Design

Designing a corporate academy goes beyond crafting a learning journey. It involves creating an engaging platform that empowers employees to unleash their full potential. By doing so, they can achieve their career goals and make significant contributions to the organization's growth.

Learning Technology

AI, xAPI, LMS, LXP, SCORM... after years of navigating the digital learning landscape, we've gained expertise in cutting-edge learning technologies. Need advice on Learning Tech? We've got you covered!

Learning Journey

Designing a learning journey is like embarking on a transformative adventure, where individuals are empowered to acquire new skills, knowledge and perspectives.

Communication Strategy

If we build will they come? If they come will they learn? If they learn will it matter to the business? Communication starts with answering the first question.

Learning Production

Digital learning, video-based learning, animation, AI role-playing and game-based approaches are all mediums we enjoy working with to create engaging learning interactions and experiences.


Our well tested 5D approach will help you to create business impact



Set objectives, assess business and learning needs and define project scope to build a solid foundation.



Align content, learning technology and activities with objectives to create a comprehensive learning solution design.



Bring the design to life with bespoke learning materials that inform and engage.



Deliver learning materials and activities through multiple channels for seamless and accessible delivery.



Evaluate effectiveness, gather feedback, and improve to drive long-term learning and business success.

The target group is central. We work together as partners in this creative 5D process.

Clients say

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"Parcours made the impossible possible for us. With brilliant teamwork and within a very ambitious timeframe we were able to launch our new blended onboarding program for new hires."

Sandra van Wanrooij

HR-businesspartner, QTC Recruitment

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Ariane van Rossem

Account Manager


Arjan Toet

Learning Architect, Director