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People learn every day, through others, with others. It is not a one-time event but continuous: connected, with the right intervention at just the right time. At Parcours we believe great learning is learning brought to life.

We aim to spark a craving for learning. Plant a seed, create the right conditions and give valuable support - this is what makes your employees thrive and your organization succeed.

Your quest for the perfect learning journey starts here!


What you’ll find at Parcours

We love to design and develop learning solutions with a strong focus on journeys. Journeys that businesses use to improve the performance of their professionals.

With this focus, business can excel and your organization will meet its goals.

Our projects

We are proud of our creative journeys. But we remain critical.
After all, you're as good as your last project.

Learning experience system: Koach

Krauthammer’s gateway to learning journeys

Krauthammer is a global training agency specialized in human capital development solutions; including classroom trainings, coach programs, consultancy. But how to stay on top in this fast moving world? And still serve clients best of class? This requires a complete new way of training delivery.

Together with Krauthammer we designed a new way of learning: From class-room training to blended learning journeys.

Through smart stimuli, multi-device access and an intuitive user interface, participants feel coached throughout their learning journey, which enhances learning retention and encourages lasting behavioural change.

The result is Koach: the gateway to learning journeys, where all the learning moments (F2F, virtual & autonomous) are integrated and seamlessly blended into an immersive learning experience. Currently, the Portal is integrated in all Open Programs in all countries.
For more on Koach check Krauthammer’s website.

Samsung Academy

Product knowledge always up-to-date

Create a central place to efficiently and easily distribute knowledge about Samsung products to sales people on a wide range of locations.

Samsung Academy, an online (mobile) training platform where video, theory and quizzes are paired with gamification (incentives, ranking) to create a personalized, engaging and trackable learning experience.

Parcours also develops content for the platform, including product video’s. This can be done in a matter of weeks to comply with the launch of products or campaigns.

Samsung Academy has been active for over three years, with >3500 weekly users in the Netherlands and Belgium who train anytime, anywhere.

Crisis Management at Danone

Digital learning for Danone Global

expert learning, self assessments and knowledge quiz, storytelling techniques and animated video cases.
The Scorm export is placed within the Danone Academy (LMS) and Danone is able to maintain the module itself. Versions were made in English, Spanish and Russian.

After deployment, users are aware of the impact of crises on Danone, prepared to act in accordance with their role and ready to use the available knowledge and tools. 

A crisis can strike any company anytime, anywhere. One way of working is crucial and key to survival. The request? Create an e-learning module as part of a blended program to support Danone’s Global Crisis Management System.
Scope: Guidelines will be updated frequently, the team is globally spread and speak different languages.

We created an interactive online module, including intake,  

HIV Management Towards 2030

Virology Education & Gilead

Our partner VE asked us to help with a (growing) challenge: how can we reach full potential out of our face to face events where doctors discuss and really connect with each other on actual topics and make real impact in the field? One of these events was an event for doctors and nurses in the field of HIV management. How can we – together - do more regarding prevention, acceptance and treatment of HIV?

We are masters in creating (blended) learning journeys and are able to turn each ‘lean back’ event (mostly f2f event where the participants only listens...) into active, energetic and

inspiring moments which have a long lasting impact. Create each event into an actual knowledge and educational workplace.
We design the best mix of interventions before, during and after the event, making relevant information stick to each participant.

A well-designed journey set out over a period of 3 months, motivating people to participate, prepare with the right knowledge and skills (before), design and facilitate active and impactful assignments during the day (during) and guide new initiatives (after). 

Danone HR Academy

For Danone Worldwide

What to do when your HR department faces the challenge of updating learning objectives? As a worldwide operation, it is pinnacle for Danone to convey this knowledge to all in-company talents. But how do you manage to get all this strategic information available to all? For this purpose, Danone organises three worldwide events where all HR experts gather to learn and share their new knowledge. To support these gatherings we developed a social application – for both mobile and desktop environments – where all new content is centrally available before, during and after

the events and can be filtered by function, division and file type. A self-test helps getting a better grasp of the new learning objectives.
Through Danone ‘HR Streams’, participants can communicate with each other, liking each others performances or publications. Developments during the event can be followed through Twitter posts and short drill & practice quizzes help to focus attention. In short: better together through social learning. Users of the app gave it a satisfaction rate of 90%!

Viruskenner Project

A school program to fight the spreading of viruses by injecting knowledge

this way Viruskenner can offer the best of both worlds: the power of live events with coaches and effective support through the website (in text, video, a forum, tests and blogs).

Viruskenner can run the project internationally and most important: assure the same learning journey because of the blended approach. With yearly 3000 participants, each influencing 10 family members and friends, Viruskenner has reached out 300.000 people in a decade.
For more information: check the Viruskenner website on

Viruskenner is an international education project for youngsters in primary and secundary schools. During the project they learn everything about infectious diseases and how to stop a virus from spreading. Since the project once started at one school and continued growing the question was: how can Viruskenner make sure the participating schools in all countries can join the project at the same level?

From this point Parcours and Viruskenner started working together. We designed a blended approach for the project. In

A new website for e-Learning for Kids

Free and fun digital education for children worldwide

We facilitated three intensive design sessions with all involved e-Learning for Kids teams. Once all teams were happy with the ideas and designs, we started production.

The Result
The result is an engaging and inviting website where both child and parent can easily find their way. The visitor is just one click away from learning or donating. With the new design, e-learning for kids has a modern, professional site that can be used with pleasure worldwide.
We will continue to support e-Learning for Kids in the future!

Parcours partners with e-Learning for Kids: a non-profit organisation providing free and fun online education to children worldwide. It’s curriculum based quality education gives many children a chance to grow and that’s definitely something we want to support. The new website should:

1.     be easy in use for both adults and kids
2.     have the courses easily accessible
3.     have an easy donate option
4.     have a modern, professional and attractive look
5.     content available in five languages.

Stralend Schoon (Squeaky Clean)

In the St. Antonius Hospital

Did you know that there are more than 10.000 different types of bacteria living on your body? And did you know that a door handle or a water tap contains more bacteria than a toilet seat? Given these facts, you can imagine that cleanliness and hygiene are especially important in a hospital. Cleaning patient rooms, public restrooms, etc. is a crucial job and a big responsibility. Being aware of this, St. Antonius hospital wished to extend the existing classroom training for employees of the cleaning team with a digital training.

Parcours created the blended learning solution ‘Stralend Schoon’, combining practical learning with an online training

tool. The tool contains work instructions, which are clarified and supported by photographs and videos. Small quizzes and a finale quiz for each main topic test the learners’ (existing) knowledge and challenge them to fully embrace in the protocols.

New employees will be ready to start building their experience in practice. Existing employees are able to refresh their knowledge of the protocols. Furthermore, the staff can make sure that all employees are always presented with updated protocols. Close to 450 employees of 3 locations have already finished the training and know where to easily find the work instructions when needed.

Be a savvy socialite

Turning DSM employees into ambassadors

The proliferation of social media have foreverchanged the world of communication. For companies this brings about obvious advantages but it also means there are lurking dangers: when you allow all employees to post messages to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn willy-nilly, you are bound to lose control over what is published.

For this purpose we developed the program ‘Be a Savvy Socialite’ for DSM, one of Europe’s biggest chemical producers. It includes learning the do’s and don’ts by watching videos, reading protocols and doing self-tests for the DSM employees, making them true ambassadors for the company!

A gamified and engaging learning solution.Employees can battle against themselves: earn points, win fun fact an become a real savvy social media expert.


Buddy training

Commissioned by Stichting Waardering Erkenning Politie (Foundation for Appreciation and Acknowledgement Police), Parcours developed a so-called ‘Buddy training’. Many in the Dutch Police Force have personal problems brought on by stress from traumatic experiences at work. How does one recognise signals? How do you approach these colleagues? And how to have a constructive

conversation about these experiences? Students learn how to do this through watching videos, reading instructions and doing self-tests. Additionally, workshops are organised to further deepen their skills. Over 2000 participants from all corners of the Netherlands have successfully followed this training which has been highly appreciated. A follow-up is in the making!


What is it you always wanted to learn?

In the Netherlands, the number of 65 to 75 year olds using internet has doubled since 2010. More than half of this demographic is online every day! Besides communication and practical uses like banking and shopping, they are increasingly searching for information and knowledge. In cooperation with Plus Magazine and Daniël de Levita we launched Etadoro (a take on the Italian ‘eta door’ or golden age), a paid consumer learning platform targeted at the age group between 45 and 80 based on specific interests such as history, creativity, health and lifestyle.

The number of courses is ever growing and more and more elderly people find something that gives them meaningful spending of their time. Through videos (presented by experts in their field), course books and doing assignments (supervised by the trainer), Etadoro forms an inspiring addition to the online experience. But it doesn’t stop there: country-wide gatherings provide an opportunity for both students and trainers to meet and broaden their horizons even further. What is it you always wanted to learn? Check out or

Introducing DigDag

For Partou Childcare

Recently Partou started to work with the parent portal DigDag. The classic 'kid log' which one had to write has now been replaced by an iPad mini. Parents will now always be aware of the experiences of their child throughout the day. 

But, how do you ensure that all teaching staff knows how this works? In collaboration with Hakim we created an interactive journey for that. Now the pedagogical staff can learn all the ins and outs of DigDag in a playful way.

Keeping clean

Spaarne Hospital

How do you keep your hospital as sanitary as possible? By transforming the protocols into a fun game! This must have been on the minds of Spaarne hospital when they asked us to develop the Clean & Safe program. 

In this game the employees of the hospital learn how to act conform the hygiene protocols through a fun game with a swinging surprise as a reward!

Dealing with aggression

Institute for Psychotrauma

For IVP, we developed an app revolving the theme ‘dealing with aggression and violence’. The app includes an escalation game, digital syllabus and a self-test. A large part of the transfer of knowledge now takes place before the group training starts. 

During the training, there will be more focus on training skills. After the group training participants will receive reminders of the course material on set times, causing the transfer to optimize the obtaining of knowledge. A fullworthy parcours!

Train the Trainers

Democratic Control of Armed Forces

In cooperation with the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and Atlantic Initiative we set up a Train the Trainer session for judges and lawyers working in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Commissioned by the Judicial and prosecutorial Training Centre of the Republika Srpska we taught teachers how to design an effective and active training.

Parcours traveled to the green hillside area of Banja Luka and hosted 2 days of active training there. And successfully (thanks to two fantastic interpreters)! 

Route App

St. Antonius Hospital

St. Antonius took our name Parcours very literally! Commisioned by the new and innovative St. Antonius Hospital in Utrecht, we developed a route guide. We made a web app suitable for smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and even big plasma touch screens. 

In addition, all data is managed centrally. The employees of Facility & Services can now manage the maps, routes and locations by themselves. And that’s just perfect for a hospital in development!

Parcours Products


Improving together

Expédition makes it possible to work on your personal development within teams and individually. Communicating with others is easy and you always have your study material at hand. View and comment on videos and animations, play a game together, discuss on forum and ask others for feedback. Expédition strikes a clever bridge between online and group activities on site.



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