5 Moments of learning needs


5 Moments of learning needs

Today, continuous learning during daily business activities is essential. It’s the fuel behind the long-term productivity and development of your employees.

Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher conducted studies on learning and authored Innovative Performance Support: Strategies and Practices for Learning in the Workflow. Their research identified five unique moments when performers are learning: learn new, learn more, apply, solve, change. These 5 moments can be divided in 2 categories of learning: formal instruction and performance support.

Every “moment of learning need” must be seen as a chance to improve performance and build on learners' strengths while refining their weaknesses. These moments also give learners the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills.

When designing a program avoid taking your needs (what do I want my employees to learn) as a starting point. First ask yourself: what is the learning need of my employees?

Linde Schils

Linde Schils

Source: Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher, The 5 Moments of Need

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