5D blended learning model


5D blended learning model

“Each blended learning model looks interesting; how do I decide which one to go with?" If that’s what you’re thinking, you are not alone. The important thing is that a blended learning model is not a magic formula; there is not one model that fits all business needs. The good thing of working with a model is that it can help you to communicate your ideas, understand processes and make predictions.

Basis for our approach

We have chosen the model of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning by Roy Pollock & others as the basis for our approach. We gave it a twist and created the 5D blended learning model.
We believe that these 5Ds turn learning into business results. It will strengthen business linkage and on-the-job results. What you really want to know is whether the learning helped improve performance. So, the real finish line for learning is improved performance.

With the 5D blended learning model we make sure that learning is looked at as a business process and thus will book concrete performance results.

From Define to Drive

1. Define: Analyse what’s there and what’s missing, set learning goals & define business impact. Questions to answer are:

  • How does the success video you would like to shoot afterwards look?
  • How does the success of the learning journey look?
  • What will people on the job do different?
  • What will be the concrete impact on business needs?

2. Design: Set learning formats and all the activities involved, design the journey and communication campaign. What does the learning journey look like for the various target groups and stakeholders? Things to think about are:

  • Before: invitation, expectation, intention
  • During: job relevance, content, program strategy
  • After: accountability, N+1 role, performance support.

3. Develop: Create the content: script writing, (interactive) video, micro learning elements, VR etc. Activities to take:

  • Analyze the current training materials (internal and external vendors)
  • Work closely with Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Apply the Adult Learning Principles
  • Have a clear view on how employees will learn
  • Define the Learning Media Content Mix and create/adjust content.

4. Deliver: Implement in learning platform & launch the journey. The journey delivery could be a mix of online learning, flipped classroom, virtual classroom, webinars, facilitation, chatting etc.

5. Drive: Learning is not a one-off event. The aim is continuous learning loops: performance support, reporting, involve N+1 (Manager) roles, evaluate and optimize the learning design.

Arjan Toet

Arjan Toet

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