Launching online learning


Launching online learning

Yes. It's done!

You have worked hard to develop and realize your online training. You're proud of that. Are they going to follow it with pleasure and enthusiasm? Almost as essential as making the training itself is the strategy or plan for launching it. Because with the right approach, you can 'turn on’ the participants on time.

How do you ensure that your (online) training is successfully launched? By making sure that everyone knows that the training is coming, looks forward to it. And how can it stand out between all these (new) trainings within your organization? By using the right marketing! Properly launching a training course contributes to its success. It's fairly simple: Good marketing of your online training creates more enthusiasm and involvement. And ensures many more participants. But, how?

3 steps in the right direction will help you do this.

Step 1: Know the right (social media) channels within your company

First of all, it is important that you properly map out which communication channels are used within your company. E-mail, intranet, WhatsApp? Webinars, newsletters, team meetings? Map it all and create a ‘channel mix’. What is being shared on these channels? Who is watching and when? Which channels are preferred internally? What is the purpose of the different channels? Everyone is busy and often online. People look at different channels at different times. By having an idea of how the channels in your organization work, you can start marketing well.


Would you like to know if you have collected all the channels? Ask a number of colleagues where they get information, which internal sites they visit, etc., so that your research is complete and you do not overlook anything.

Step 2: Invest in the right ‘formats’

Once you know which channels you can use to reach your participants, think of which formats are most suitable. Posters, videos, GIFs… a blog, slide or message? Like the channel, each format also has its unique properties in which it reaches users to a greater or lesser extent. When choosing the right channel or mix to launch your training, you translate your goals by the strength of the different formats. That way, you make the right choice.

Remember that a mix of formats suitable for different channels is often the best strategy. Work on this and experiment if you don't yet have a good idea. What can and may you do yourself? Maybe you do have access to a media department that can support you? What are the internal rules in terms of marketing posts?

Step 3: Analyze data

Measuring is knowing. And that is certainly the case with marketing data. It is super relevant to see and analyse which channels and which resources have been viewed a lot and whether this has also yielded anything in terms of viewing and following your training. Because that's what it's all about! View the statistics. Weigh them against other means. Discover patterns to respond even better to the use of the right resources via the right channels in the future.

Done! You are now ready to give your online training all the attention and put it in the spotlight.

Marieke Dijkshoorn

Marieke Dijkshoorn

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