The power of microlearning


The power of microlearning

The average attention span of humans is not more than 8 seconds. So microlearning seems to be a logical response to today’s fast-paced society. And learners seem to find it attractive, because they are looking for short learning bytes easily accessible.

What are the advantages?

Since microlearning is mobile compatible, it is easy to ensure your employees have access to learning whenever needed. They can look up what they need without having to scroll through lengthy e-learning courses.

And microlearning isn’t just video or performance support. Microlearning modules can be:

  • Used for standalone training
  • Used to offer reinforcement and practice opportunities
  • Components in a blended learning program
  • Designed in several formats – ensuring form follows function.

How to make microlearning work?

One should realize that micro-learnings are short – while learning is a complex process that doesn’t take place in 8 minutes. To learn, you must gain new information, pay attention to it, combine it with prior knowledge, store it in your memory, and apply it.

So, when we “go micro” it’s even more important to design it well, answering the following questions:

  • Where is it used for?
    As preparation for a f2f training? As reinforcement after some other learning event (considering Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve)? As stand-alone learning or as performance support?
  • What’s the objective?
    Defining one single learning objective per microlearning is good. Defining a performance objective is even better since you focus on the learner behaviour you will impact.
  • What’s the best way to reach the objective?
    A few examples of formats that make microlearning happen:
  • Micro copy: contextual messages, daily learning snippets or inspiring cases
  • Micro videos: micro-lectures, “explanimations” or user generated content
  • Micro challenges: quizzes, mini-games, flashcards, or simulations
  • ·Infographics: statistical, informative, timeline, hierarchical graphics.

We are always looking how to provide the greatest value to the learner within a limited amount of time. Curious what this might mean for you?

Linde Schils

Linde Schils

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