Writing for better understanding by clients


Woonstad Rotterdam

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Writing for better understanding by clients

Woonstad Rotterdam needs to make sure they communicate with their clients in clear and understandable language. In order to do this uniformly, they developed their own Brand Voice. Originally, this Brand Voice was presented and conveyed in a series of workshops. Woonstad's wish is to spread this knowledge more efficiently and effectively. By creating an e-learning journey, both new and existing employees can take the training or brush up on their knowledge and skills in an efficient and fun way.

Based on the three pillars of the Woonstand Brand Voice, we created a fun and interactive learning module in Articulate Rise. This tool allowed us to fully customize branding as well as create interactive content and exercises to practice writing according to the brand voice. 

Woonstad was very satisfied with our timely and on-budget delivery. They praised us for being “pleasantly critical”: digging deeper into the underlying needs, not just scratching the surface. The outcome is an e-learning module full of interactive content and exercises, enabling learners to apply their new skills.

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Ariane van Rossem

Account Manager


Arjan Toet

Learning Architect, Director