Free digital education for children worldwide


E-learning for kids

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Free digital education for children worldwide

Parcours Learning partners with e-Learning for Kids: a non-profit organisation providing free and fun online education to children worldwide. It’s curriculum based quality education gives many children a chance to grow and that’s definitely something we want to support.

The new website should:

1. be easy in use for both adults and kids;
2. have the courses easily accessible;
3. have an easy donate option;
4. have a modern, professional and attractive look;
5. content available in five languages.

Parcours facilitated three intensive design sessions with all involved e-Learning for Kids teams. Once all teams were happy with the ideas and designs, we started production. The result is an engaging and inviting website where both child and parent can easily find their way. The visitor is just one click away from learning or donating. With the new design, e-learning for kids has a modern, professional site that can be used with pleasure worldwide. We will continue to support e-Learning for Kids in the future!

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Ariane van Rossem

Account Manager

Arjan Toet

Learning Architect, Director