Developing a culture of continuous feedback


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Developing a culture of continuous feedback

Creating a culture of continuous feedback is high on Philips’ HR agenda. Gathering perspectives allows them to understand what makes them great (their strengths) and what could make them even greater (their development opportunities). As off the shelf solutions were not a perfect match with Philips’ feedback model, Parcours Learning was asked to create customised role play videos. Aim of these videos is to steer feedback conversations better and ultimately to build on the feedback skills for both managers and employees. And… if we could deliver within 6 weeks.

For the 6 role play videos scripts were written by Parcours in co-creation with a subject matter expert from Philips. To ensure recognisability for its global audience, we attracted a diverse cast of actors. Furthermore, the role play conversations look like they take place online in a video conferencing tool. This is both engaging and part of Philips’ current and future reality. A learning dimension was ensured by adding a presenter to the mix. This Philips employee fulfils the expert role: introducing the relevant theory, highlighting key elements of the conversations and delivering a call to action.

The learner is also supported visually; the message is supported by animated models and by highlighting the key takeaways on-screen. The videos are implemented in Philips’ Microsoft Stream platform and deployed throughout the organization from there. Examples of use are within onboarding programs, during town hall or team meetings and in practice sessions. A call to action at the end of each video directs learners towards the HR Portal, where more information on Continuous Learning will always be available and up to date.

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