Squeaky clean!


St. Antonius Hospital

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Squeaky clean!

Did you know that there are more than 10.000 different types of bacteria living on your body? And did you know that a door handle or a water tap contains more bacteria than a toilet seat? Given these facts, you can imagine that cleanliness and hygiene are especially important in a hospital. Cleaning patient rooms, public restrooms, etc. is a crucial job and a big responsibility.

Being aware of this, St. Antonius hospital wished to extend the existing classroom training for employees of the cleaning team with a digital training. Parcours created the blended learning solution ‘Stralend Schoon’, combining practical learning with an online training tool. The tool contains work instructions, which are clarified and supported by photographs and videos. Small quizzes and a finale quiz for each main topic test the learners’ (existing) knowledge and challenge them to fully embrace in the protocols.

New employees will be ready to start building their experience in practice. Existing employees are able to refresh their knowledge of the protocols. Furthermore, the staff can make sure that all employees are always presented with updated protocols. Close to 450 employees of 3 locations have already finished the training and know where to easily find the work instructions when needed.

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Ariane van Rossem

Account Manager


Arjan Toet

Learning Architect, Director