A crucial transformation program


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A crucial transformation program

Learning Network Mantelzorg (a wide group of healthcare organizations) approached us to support the growth of their Healthcare professionals in a crucial transformation program for Caregivers. Caregivers play an essential role in the lives of care recipients. And this group is growing. Informal care can be a rewarding as well as difficult task….How can the healthcare professional be of best value in this? A good collaboration between the care recipient, informal caregiver and healthcare professional is therefore essential. Learning Network Mantelzorg asked us to help bring the knowledge and application surrounding this collaboration into practice and take it to a higher level.

Our aim was to 'turn on' the learners and to really ‘feel’ the need of this new approach addressing questions such as: What exactly does the care triangle entail and what is its importance? What is the difference between family care and informal care? How does a care situation affect the context? Through active learning, reflective assignments and videos featuring real healthcare professionals and caregivers we were able to bring ‘the real deal’ into this journey. Some of the principles we used were: Low-threshold, hold attention through short learning bites, fluent content, with lots of active video and audio plays (real case) and attractive design. 

The modules are shared across a wide network of healthcare organisations. Thanks to a varied learning journey and the practice-oriented assignments at the end of each module, the learner can start working immediately with what is presented in the learning. It is the perfect preparation for inspiration sessions and workshops where Learning Network Mantelzorg employees discuss informal care.

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