Fight the spreading of viruses



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Fight the spreading of viruses

Viruskenner is an international education project for youngsters in primary and secondary schools. During the project they learn everything about infectious diseases and how to stop a virus from spreading. Since the project once started at one school and continued growing the question was: how can Viruskenner make sure the participating schools in all countries can join the project at the same level? From this point Parcours and Viruskenner started working together.

We designed a blended approach for the project. In this way Viruskenner can offer the best of both worlds: the power of live events with coaches and effective support through the website (in text, video, a forum, tests and blogs).Viruskenner can run the project internationally and most important: assure the same learning journey because of the blended approach.

With yearly 3000 participants, each influencing 10 family members and friends, Viruskenner has reached out 300.000 people in a decade. For more information: check the Viruskenner website on

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Ariane van Rossem

Account Manager

Arjan Toet

Learning Architect, Director